• Automotive Masking Tape


    Premium masking tape for professional painters that is designed specifically for automotive paint masking on all kinds of paints with easy release and residue free.

    Application: Masking Tape with All size 

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  • Masking Film (OPS)


    Masking Film which is a prefolded, high density plastic film for draping & covering large areas for paint over spray protection

    Application: Part No.             Size 

    MF0405            4X5
    MF400121        4X121
    MF400300        4X300

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  • Decorative Masking Tape


    High quality crepe masking tape for holding laminates.  High adhesion with easily release

    Application: Masking Tape With All Size

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  • Compounding Wool Pads

    Description: 4 ply, twisted natural wool grip pad 


    Available in single sided and double sided

    Part No.                  Type
    CP08                     Single Sided
    CP08                     Double Sided

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  • Value Masking Tape

    Description: General masking tape which can be used on painted wall and glass surfaces.  Flexibility with ease of use in different climatic conditions.

    Application: Masking Tape with All Size

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  • Foam Pad

    Description: Removes grit 2500 or finer sanding marks 


    Diminishing abrasive particle for quick cutting and high gloss

    Part No YF19030 Size  : 195

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  • Masking Paper


    Premium quality brown paper with anti seepage properties which is easy to use.


    Available in widths of 300mm, 450mm, 600 and 900mm

    Part No.                      Size
    450300              450mm x 300 M
    900300              900mm x 300 M

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  • Automotive Sealants

    Description: Premerless Windshield Swalant which provides a fast cure & high strenth, designed to bond and seal vehicle windshields 


    Body Sealant is a high-quality, multi purpose on component polyurethane sealant.  It is a universal sealant used for vehicle collision repair applications

    Part No.                  Quantity (ml) 
    Gs320                        320
    Bs320                        320

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  • Dry Sanding Sheet & Rolls

    Description: Grills 40 to 1500 


    Dry Sanding for primers, top coats and clear coats

    Product                        Size
    Dry Roll                 115mm x 50 M
    Dry Sheet                  9" x 11"

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  • Masking Foam

    Description: Foam tape for masking of apertures.  Dispensed from carton.  Dust free storage to eliminate wastage.

    Application: Cylindrical shape that fits the majority of vehicle applications.

    Low tack adhesive strip.  Easy to apply and leaves no residue.

    Part No.                            Size (Length) 
    Cylindrical (13mm)         10mm x 5M = 50M

    Cylindrical (19mm)         7mm x 5M = 35M

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  • Dry Sanding Grip Discs

    Description: Sanding and finishing of primers, top coats and clear coats.  Sanding and finishing of wooden surfaces and wood coatings.

    Application: Extra flexibility as it is adaptable to shapes, edges and contoured surfaces.

    Anti-clogging lubricant layer with long life and smooth finish.

    Product                         Size

    6" x 6 Hole Disc          40 to 2000

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  • Dry Guide Coat

    Description: Dry Guide Coat is used to identify surface imperfections such as pinholes in body filter or deep scratches in primer. 


    A unique applicator which leaves an even powder coating.  And an efficient way to highlight imperfection and scratches on polyester filler and primers.

    Part No.                        Quantity 
    5603902528983            100Gms

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  • Abrasive Sanding Discs

    Description: Abrasive Sanding Discs with adhesive for finishing of primers, top coats and clear coats.  Sanding and finishing on wooden suraces.


    Extra Flexibility and adapts to edges and contoured surfaces.  Anti-clogging lubircant layer for a high quality finish.

    Product                     Size
    5" Disc                 80 to 2000

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  • Trim Masking Tape


    Easy to mask and protect windscreen rubber / trim.  Flexible and leaves no residue.  Masking tape with plastic strip and precut tape.

    Application: Part No.                         Size (mm) 

    562864                       45mm x 10M

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  • Water Proof Paper


    Grits 80 to 2500


    Wet sanding of primers, top coats and clear coats with extraordinary life.

    Product                           Size 
    Water Proof Paper          9"x11"

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  • Dust Extraction Hand Blocks


    Rhynogrip Dust Extraction Blocks are vacuum dust extraction durable composite body backup pads that are used with sanding strips of different sizes with holes.

    Application: Part No.                                Size (mm) 

    5603902449257                   70 x 125
    5603902435175                   70 x 198
    5603902449271                   70 x 400

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  • Sound Deadening Pads


    Sound deadening pads for vehicle floor and inner door panels

    High strength self adhesive backing.


    Can be heated to fit curved and contoured panels, perforated pad for ease of cutting

    Product                               Size
    5603902142448        500mm x 500mm

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  • Electrical Polisher Kit


    Light Weight 7" Electrical Polisher with variable speed (03000 RPM) with spares and service support


    Comes with Foam Pad, Waffle Pad, Backup Pad & Compounding Wool Pad

    Part No.                           Quantity 
    EQ03K                               1 Kit

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  • Dust Extraction Unit

    Description: Sound deadening pads for vehicle floor and inner door panels 


    A heavy duty machine for professional use

    Part No.                      Watts 
    EKT47                        1100

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  • Airvantage Orbital Sander

    Description: Available in sizes 3.5", 5" & 6" 

    Light weight, low dB level, low vibration, 12,000 RPM with spares and  services support

    Application: Part No.                              Type 

    R63100                            6" Vacuum

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  • Prima Orbital Sanders


    Premium quality, light weight & well balanced tool

    Increased stability during sanding operation.  Protected motor to ensure high performance 

    Increased stability during sanding operation.  Protected motor to ensure high performance 

    Application: Product No.                         Type 

    Prima 50                         5" Non Vac. Sander 
    Prima 60                         6" Non Vac. Sander
    Prima 66                         6" Non Vac. Sander

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  • Dual Action Buffer


    Dual Action Buffer with variable speed (0-3000 RPM) with spares and service support

    Application: Part No.                          Size (mm) 

    Eq04                                150mm

    Part NoContentsUnits in Carton
  • 3" Angle Polisher


    3" Angle Polisher is a 5000 RPM buffing tool for superior buffing on plastic and painted surfaces. Can be used with foam or wool pad

    Application: Part No.                      Size 

    740                            3"
    450PL                        3" 

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  • Backup Pads


    Premium quality backup pads in various sizes ranging from 3" to 7" in PSA and Velcro.

    Application: Part No.                 Size (mm) 

    1260111               6" x 6 Hole 

    Part NoContentsUnits in Carton
  • Transit Protection Tape

    Description: Car paint Protection Film during transit of vehicle from the manufacturing plant to customer end 


    This film is designed to stick to metal/plastic surface for 6 months without leaving residue on the the substrate surface

    Product                     Dimension 
    Transit Protection        As reqd.

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  • Foaming Dry Wash

    Description: Foaming Dry Wassh is a waterless cleaning process that reduces water consumption and support service department in adopting environmentally sustainable practices for the vehicle exterior and engine cleaning at workshops.


    Foaming Dry Wash Concentrate - This is an internationally formulated Traffic Film Remover to clean vehicles completely without causing any harm to the vehicle and environment.  This can be used on painted surface, winshield / glasses, rubber and vinyl (it won’t stain or leave any residue)

    Foaming Gun - Available in Pneumatic and Manual variants.  A highly efficient and ergonomically designed air foaming gun, easy to use with maximum foam generation and quick cleaning

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  • Black Out Tape

    Description: Black Out Tape or BOT tapes for substitue of paint on the window Frame/Center Plillar, etc. Several Car companies are using this product to reduce cost of painting on the window frame and center pillar. 

    Application: Product                    Size 

    BOT Tape              Any Size

    Part NoContentsUnits in Carton
  • Duct Tape

    Description: PP laminated Cloth Tape - Marine, construction, maintenance purpose, and abrasion resistance.

    Application: Bundling and coiling application, weathering 

    Product                   Size
    Dt170                  Any Size

    Part NoContentsUnits in Carton
  • Diecut/Large Area Masking Solution


    Sumax is a learding manufacturer of masking solutions for two wheeler, bumper and white good companies, Diecuts available in fine line tape and masking tape


    We are directly supplying to all leading AOEM in India

    Product                       Size
    BUM                        Any Size

    Part NoContentsUnits in Carton